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Welcome to Nari Jibon


Nari Jibon Project (Women’s Life) is a training programme. The objective of Nari Jibon is to provide alternative skills for women. Nari Jibon started its work from March 2005 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Kathryn B Ward, a Professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies started this project. Funding has come from Executive Director, Kathryn B Ward and her mother Pat Ward and nominally from student admission fees and other donations. Staff are committed to do outreach and connecting students with possible jobs. We have urged staff to develop their own Bangla and English literacy, computer and tailoring skills. The Nari Jibon Project’s main goals are:

  • To make the poor and under-privileged women educated and self reliant through different short term education and skill development programs.
  • To teach women Bangla, Tailoring, English, Computers, ICT and Photography. Nari Jibon wants to show that the poor women such as garment workers, sex workers can also be skilled in English and computers and can earn some money for their livelihood. This organization also has enrolled students of school, college and university levels who desire to learn computers, English, ICT, and Photography etc and use these skills for their future plans and work.
  • To provide some financial aid the poor and brightest women necessary to acquire some more education-skills and to start up their own business or find a job.
  • To reach out to slum dwelling women, garments and sex workers.

At present Nari Jibon is offering Bengali, English, tailoring, computer office program, computer repair, graphics & web design, ICT and photography classes. Before taking the computer class the students are taught English. Their levels of English are upgraded to 1, 1.5 and 2. Computer course includes teaching MS Office programs such as Word, Excel and graphics & web page design, and computer repair.
Nari Jibon is one of a few organizations that are working toward specializing women in ICT or Information Communication Technology, which has brought great opportunities for the people of Bangladesh, especially women. Women in Bangladesh can make themselves self-reliant through ICT. This organization has installed a wireless broad band connection to support for women’s empowerment through the ICT. Nari Jibon has established a cyber café only for women where they can access computer and internet in a safe environment and other computer related services such as printing and photos. Students also receive training in taking photographs and generating articles for a web magazine and blogs of Nari Jibon.

Nari Jibon has established a blog in English, titled “Bangladesh from Our View” and Bangla “Amader Galpa (Our Stories)”  to increase students’ & staffs’ creativity on different areas. Nari Jibon’s blog efforts have resulted in a two year grant from Global/Rising Voices to improve students’ blogging skills, including interviews, photos, and video training. 
Also, please visit the Nari Jibon USA website:
and please visit SIUC site SIUC Domestic Violence Resources

Nari Jibon Development Foundation, 404/B (3rd floor) Malibag Chowdhurypara, Dhaka-1219, Office Telephone: 880-2-825-3637, Mobile: 01819414949.