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Sholily Kabir

Shoily Kabir

Professor in the department of CSE

Stamford University, Dhaka

In the twenty first century women of Bangladesh try to go forward with courage to perform and study many difficult subjects and various works .women are putting their step everywhere with their successful achievement. Shoily Kabir has been able to make a place successfully in the ICT global studying in computer science and involving herself in teaching profession. She is the second child of her parents. Her father, Shamed Kabir is a professor of Bengali Department in Dhaka University and her mother, Lilufer Kabir is also a professor of City College in the same department. Among her sisters, Upoma Kabir is now an assistant professor of computer science in Dhaka University and her younger sister is studying computer. Shoily Kabir informed, she has completed her S.S.C from Agroni Girls’ School, H.S.C from Holy Cross College, graduation and masters from Dhaka University as a professor from 2003 and till now she is teaching. In our conversation we asked some questions to her.

Q: What was your main reason for studying in computer science?

 When I completed the course on computer, it had value at that time .All my senior brothers and sisters had more eagerness on it .They would feel proud of studying in this subject, because in future they will not have to face problem for finding any kinds of job. Upoma, my elder sister studied in computer science and my family also wanted either I would take admission at Buet or Dhaka University. But fortunately I got a chance in electrical section in Buet. Actually I thought computer science is better than electrical one. It was a dream to me not only for the IT market but also for earthy pleasure in the field of better job as I noticed that our senior brothers or sisters of our department got better job.

Q: What is the purpose for doing this job? What is your role to spread the idea of computer over all?

I want to spread out my scintillating thought blazing fire, flaming passion of knowledge among my students. I will engage myself with an NGO named “Muslim Adds”. There Muslim women will be taught about computer without cast.

Q: what is the reason of girls going backward to take this subject?

Actually I think that, after getting married women struggle more. If she takes easy subject, she can easily maintain her life and job. If I cast my eyes on S.S.C or H.S.C result sheet, can easily remark that girls are doing better than boys. But now girls are going forward with the boys. In near future more girls will take this subject, its number may be equal to those boys. Girls will be successful because they can do something with patience.

Q: How many girls are studying in your institution in this subject?

At the beginning when I joined at Stamford University, a few girls got their admission in this subject. Actually these three girls have acted as an advertisement to increase their number. After three years we notice that the number has been 10 or 12. In future the number will increase.

Q: How will you judge the intelligence of students of private and public university?

The students of a Private University cannot make a competition with the public ones.  The brilliant students only go to public institution. But I think that, Computer science is a technical subject. After completing this course from both institutions, the students can get very close knowledge about their related subject. That’s why some brilliant students are interested to study in any Private University.

Q: Computer for all “But not for particular students” what is your opinion on it?

Our thought is changing gradually. Not only the computer students but also the students of BBA, Law and other departments are operating computer in their daily life. Previously the computer would be accounted as a subject of fear, but that concept has changed. Now a child of three or four years old can operate computer. To spread computer knowledge among common people in our country, we need computer workshop. That will be opened for all classes of people. This important task will not be possible to fulfill with the help of the few universities. Government and NGO should take the attempt to arrange the workshops, from where people can know about the uses of computer and other facilities.

Q: Tell about the success of this university student?

In this year our 1st and 2nd batch has come out. I want to mention the students who are able to put their place in the merit list, they are appointed in this university as a teacher according to their competence. Beside in IT section there is an option of STB where we can help our students to get a suitable job. Otherwise they are getting change in different software farms and telecommunication companies.

Q: How is the educational standard of private university?

Here we have congenial environment, good academic environment, good relationship between teachers and students, good result, no section jam and it is free from politics.

Q: Being intelligent why has our country remained back, if we compare to India? 

We remain back for our lacking of effort, may be we will fail at first. The Indian are more industrious. Our country’s students do not want to earn achievement with great difficultly. Actually private students are little bit weak in programming section.  But in future they will overcome. One thing I have to mention that now in several computer fairs they exhibit their invented software that we could not see last 5 years but can see now. In India there is no problem of money when one invents any thing related with computer but here has no eagerness for marketing that. Our government and NGO should take activity.  India is quite different than our country in this section. They love their country very much but we don’t have.

Q: In this point what’s your opinion?

My opinion is that the students who invent software by hardship should give chance to come forward. Seeing them, others will be inspired; we need help both government and non-government organization.

by Suchitra Roy

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