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Dr. Haider Ali

Chairman, Computer Science and Engineering Department

University of Dhaka


Now, Information Technology (IT) has spread in Bangladesh a lot. IT is influencing many sectors of our economy such as communication system, software development, hardware industry and the development activities. We talked to Dr. Haider Ali, a teacher of Commuter Science and Technology department of University of Dhaka. The interview is stated here:


Q: What is the real condition of the IT sector of Bangladesh?

Dr. Haider Ali: At present, a big problem, of our IT sector is that the general people of our country are deprived of getting into the IT sector properly though our rich class has already captured it. Now-a-days, use of computer & internet is increasing for educational purpose and digital communication. As a result, the successful application of ICT and E-Commerce has already started in our country.


Dr. Haider Al, Chairman, Computer Science and Engineering Department, University of Dhaka and the students of Nari Jobon ICT Magazine

Q: Tell about the software and hardware industry of our country?

Dr. Haider Ali: Software is a bright sector though most of the initiatives are coming from only the private sector. We are now getting into outsourcing which is a positive sign for our software industry. However, in the hardware industry we are not as good as India; China has captured the world market in hardware.


Q: Why people are not coming in 3D animation?

Dr. Haider Ali: For our country 3D animation is very expensive. Those who are studying in animation in our country, most of them drop out just for not getting a proper guidance. Moreover, a major part of the students going abroad do not come back after getting the international degree and being internationally qualified. I think government should take a long term plan for the development of our animation industry and if it is needed, we should appoint foreign trainer.


Q: How submarine cable is exerting in IT?

Dr. Haider Ali: Submarine cable would help to forward IT sector in another stage but we have to be conscious about its using and managing system.


Q: Do you not think that the IT facility is inadequate for DU?

Dr. Haider Ali: Yes, but it is very hard to arrange computer program for every department. In this situation, all of the departments altogether can build a center lab. At present, we have one cyber café in TSC building. Now we are going to setup another cafe at Central Library and the 3rd cafe would be setup at Science Faculty.


Q: Why computer science is losing its demand today?

Dr. Haider Ali: It’s true that computer science lost its demand for a long time. The reason lies behind it, I think, is lack of practical knowledge as we do not have enough practical field in job market.


Q: How can we develop our IT sector?

Dr. Haider Ali: Actually our students are very meritorious than that of any other country and if we become good at mathematics we will be in a better position. At first, we have to develop awareness among the trainers and teachers. We should make computer as a compulsory subject in school and college and create new field in teaching profession and job sector. Above all, we have to protect the criminal activities in IT sector. Another main cause of backwardness in IT is the disqualified authority of policy making.


Q: Why Computer Science lost its demand?

Dr. Haider Ali: At first, computer Science had a huge appeal among the students but with the time being, students become less interested in this discipline. As a reason, we can say that there is no computer based industry in our country and in job market there is no extra facilities for the computer expert that a BBA student gets.

Most of them think that without studying computer science we can get the concept of its program going through a computer course or diploma course.

Moreover, in the earlier time, there was a vast opportunity for a student in the outer world which is now inadequate.

Besides this, a lot of works related to IT form abroad were not possible.

In other way, the demand of computer science in all classes do not mean that in this way students would be skilled in computers science because after the completion of their study, they could not get the chance of getting into the practical experience in the professional life and thus they remain less qualified for job sector.

At present, the University of Computer Science is increasing and at the same time the number of IT related job is increasing which can be terms as a turning point for our IT sector. Computer and IT related job sector should be increased in future for the assurance of our existence in the IT world.  



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