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Kathryn B. Ward


Kathryn B. Ward
Department of Sociology, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois 62901-2454
(618) 453 2494 (Sociology)

Ph.D. (Sociology) The University of Iowa, 1982
M.A. (Sociology) The University of Iowa, 1978
B.A. (Sociology) Fort Hays State University, 1977, Summa Cum Laude
Current Position
Professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale,
Summer, 1994-present; Professor of Women’s Studies, Summer 2002-
Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Sociology, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, August 2005-
Fulbright Senior Fellowship, Bangladesh, Fall 2004-Summer 2005.

Research/Teaching Experience
Assistant to Associate Professor, Southern Illinois
University-Carbondale, Fall 1982-Spring 1994
Coordinator (half-time), Women's Studies, Southern Illinois
University-Carbondale, Fall 1989-Spring 1993
Teaching-Research Fellow, Department of Sociology, Fall 1977-Summer 1981
(University of Iowa); Instructor in Women and Society; Women in Development 1981-2
Areas of Interest
Courses taught: Sociology of Gender, Quantitative & Qualitative Methods, Seminar in Social Change, Race and Ethnic Relations, Sociology of Development, Women in Development, Demography, Social Stratification
Research: Women, Work, and Empowerment in Bangladesh; Domestic Violence; The Legacy and History of the Cairo, Illinois Civil Rights Movement; Women in Development; Effects of Gender and Race on Mentoring, Collaboration, and Science
"The Influence of the World Economic System on the Status of Women and
Their Fertility Behavior." Co Chairs: Toby L. Parcel and Fred C. Pampel.
Women in the World System: Its Impact on Status and Fertility.
New York: Praeger Publishers, 1984. (Reviewed in Contemporary Sociology, 1987; Gender & Society, 1987; Signs, 1988).

Women Workers and Global Restructuring. Kathryn Ward, Editor.
Ithaca, New York: ILR Press, 1990. (Reviewed in Monthly Labor Review,1990; Choice, Gender & Society, Teaching Sociology, Canadian Journal of Development Studies, Association for Women in Development Newsletter, Canadian Woman Studies/Les Cahiers De La Femme Social and Economic Studies, Women Library Workers Journal, African Economic History,1991; Contemporary Sociology and Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 1992; Women's Studies International Forum,1993; Signs, 1994).

Articles (selected relevant)
Ward, Kathryn, Fahmida Rahman, A.K.M. Saiful Islam, Rifat Akhter, and Nashid Kamal.. "The Effects of Global Economic Restructuring on Urban Women’s Work and Income-Generating Strategies in Dhaka, Bangladesh." Critical Sociology 30:1-40. 2004
Pyle, Jean L. and Kathryn Ward. " Recasting our Understanding of Gender and Work During Global Restructuring." International Sociology 18:461-489. 2003
Ward, Kathryn “Grounded? Embedded?” The News Today Dhaka, Bangladesh
30 March 2003, page 5 print edition, in Word format available on request)
Linda M. Grant, Marybeth Stalp, and Kathryn Ward. “Women’s Sociological Research and Writing in the Pre-World War II Era.” The American Sociologist.” 23(3):76-99 2002
Ward, Kathryn "Nari Jiban: Tracing Women's Migration and Work Lives." Pp. 8-11 in Udbastu: A Newsletter on Refugee and Migratory Movements , Research on Refugees and Migratory Research Unit, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh (Issue 17 July-September) 2001
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Kathryn Ward, "Moving Beyond Adding Race, Class, and Gender and Stirring..." Schole: A Journal of Leisure Studies and Recreation Education 9:55-62. 1994.
Kathryn Ward "Lifting as We Climb: How Scholarship By and About Women of Color Has Shaped My Life as a White Feminist." In Gay Young and Bette J. Dickerson (eds.) Color, Class, and Country: Experiences of Gender. London Zed Books. 1994.
L. Grant, K. B. Ward, and C. Forshner. 1993. Mentoring experiences of women and men in academic physics and astronomy. Pp. 81-86 in Women in Astronomy: Proceedings of a Workshop held at the Space Telescope Science Institute, Sept. 8-9, 1992. John Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD.
Davita Silfen Glasberg and Kathryn Ward, "Foreign Debt and Economic Growth in the World-System." The Social Science Quarterly. December, 1993.
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Kathryn Ward, "The Economic Status of Women in the World System: A Hidden Crisis in Development." Pp. 117 39 in A. Bergensen (ed.), Crises in the World System. Sage, 1983.

Awards and Grants (selected)
American Institute of Bangladesh Studies, "Nari Jibon Project AIBS Post Doctoral Fellowship Proposal" $24,000 2002-2003.
Research Institute for the Study of Man, “Field Training Grant” Five students for fieldwork in Bangladesh. $15,000. (SIUC match $10,000) December 2002-January 2003.
ALO/USAID, “Removing Barriers of Domestic Violence from Women’s Full Participation in Civic Society and Democracy in Bangladesh” $99,999. (with Ainon Mizan (SIUC), Khan Foundation, Women for Women, and Independent University of Bangladesh) December 2002-May 2005.
National Science Foundation, "Collaborative Research on Economic Restructuring,Women's Work, and Empowerment in Bangladesh." 2003. (with Nashid Kamal, Independent University of Bangladesh, Co-PI). Approved for funding,$199,000 Spring 2003. Duration May-June 2003-May June 2005.
American Sociological Association/NSF International Travel Award, $500, 2002
Multimedia Teaching Fellowship Cairo Project. Southern Illinois University, Summer, 1998.
Special Research Grant for the Cairo Oral History and Multimedia Project. Southern Illinois University, 1995-1997.
University Women's Professional Advancement Grant for Cairo Project, 1995. $750
Faculty Woman of Distinction, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. 1992.
U.S. Department of Education, Office of Educational Research and Improvement, "Mentoring, Gender, and Publication Among Social, Natural, and Physical Scientists," 1990, $63,100, 18 months. (Collaborative research with Linda Grant, University of Georgia).
Radcliffe Research Support Program Grant, Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America, "The Rise of the Contemporary Women's Movement and Organizations," 1986-7, $1,500 (with Rachel Rosenfeld).
Mini Sabbatical for Research, Southern Illinois University 1987, Study of Women's Organizations, Schlesinger Library.
Young Alumni Award, Fort Hays State University, Hays, Kansas, 1987.
Mini Sabbatical for Teaching, Southern Illinois University, 1986, Incorporating Women into the Curriculum Workshop, Memphis State Uni¬versity.
Special Research Project Grant, Southern Illinois University, 1985-1987, U.S. Women's Movement.
Summer Research Fellowship, Southern Illinois University, 1985, U.S. Women's Movement. 

Nari Jibon Project, 404/B (1st & 3rd floor) Malibag Chowdhurypara, Dhaka-1219, Office Telephone: 880-2-825-3637, Mobile: 01819414949.