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BCS Computer Fair 2006

The 14th BCS Computer Fair was held at Novo Theater on 17th September 2006. The fair is organized in every year to extend and give knowledge and idea about computer at the door of people of Bangladesh. The political crisis has created some problems in our country, but the visitors put their pacing in the fair remarkably. We made a conversation with Mr. Foyaz Ullah Khan, the Chairman of BCS Computer Fair for taking some information about this fair.

 Q: In this time, the slogan of BCS computer fair 2006 is --- “ICT for Poverty Alleviation” --- how will you be able to fulfill this idea? 

Well, for a nice question, we are working to fulfill this commitment in this way that, most of the people in village who are farmers, fishermen and buyers; lead their lives by hard working. They all have a target to Dhaka or any urban area for marketing their products. But they can’t be able to know the real market price of those at home. We are trying to give such scope, so that they will be able to know the information about -- what’s the price of the products in Dhaka or in any urban area and the place, where they can sell their products. They will also be conformed about the selling price of their products in Dhaka. After getting information, they will be able to make their communication from that place by knowing the proper price. This is the one way to fulfill the commitment. Another one is to fulfill that commitment by informing one by one about the condition of weather when the fishermen go to the deep sea. They usually get the news of weather on radio, but they can’t get that news repeatedly. Radio is not able to give news of weather all time, when the fishermen remain in deep sea. But by dint of ICT, if they call on any active centre, they will get the next information correctly and timely. In this way we can remove our poverty.

BCS President Fayazullah Khan

Students are talking with BCS President

 Q: What is your opinion about being built up the centers? 

We are not building the centers now. We are only thinking about it. Most of the NGOs are working for this. Among them Khan Foundation is one. The Khan Foundation and another organization, Chattaroy want to build three centers in Dhaka, Cox’s Bazar, and Narsingdi.  Those have been started already. We can go ahead after finishing these activities perfectly. 

 Q: Within how many days will it be possible to set up these centers?

 Our government also thinks about this matter. We are arranging meeting with several NGOs and the donors to succeed this program. We wish and think that within 2 years we will be able to work in district and in Thana level. May be it will need 5 years.

 Q: Why is this fair bounded in Dhaka? 

You will be happy enough to know that, the fair is being arranged not only in Dhaka but also in Sylhet, Chittagong, and Khulna. But this time we have a new plan that, we will arrange this fair in every Head Quarters of division and we have already taken the decision. Beside this, we are thinking to make a road show in whole Bangladesh about ICT within June with the help of Ministerial Commerce and Media. We will show some video clips and some products to inspire our people on this road show.

 Q: What is the main motive of this fair? 

Our main motive is to develop the awareness of ICT among the people of our country. They will be able to use these facilities greatly and efficiently. We want to introduce new products with the people and help them by giving directions of those products. 

Q:  Can you tell us about its success?

Actually, we are successful because people respond us to a great extent. People come here to visit. It is opened for all. You can observe many instruments and their uses at a time. I can tell that, if we arrange this type of fair in every year, people will be able to know and get more information about it.

 Q: Which media are taking part in the fair? 

All the Electronic Media have come here to show their products. I am also grateful to all the newspapers because they have made exclusive and excellent cover pages for this fair. Everybody has helped us. We are really very thankful to them. 

Q: How can we get the facilities of submarine cable? 

If we get support, it will be best for us. Recently we have arranged an important meeting with UNVP about “The use of Submarine Cables”. Here we can inform that, the cost will not be more than at TK.500/- for single users and for multi users in commercial industry, we don’t want to mention now. We hope within short time, the members of the UNVP will help us to fulfill the activities. 

Q: The ticket price was at TK.10/- but now it is at TK.20/-, Will you please tell me, why is the price of the ticket higher than before?

Well, according to this question’s answer, I will say if you think about the administration cost of this fair, it will be a reason. We are to arrange some utilities to help the visitors. But these prices are increasing day by day. It is nothing but we compare it with the high price of our instruments. We can hold it as a token money. 

These six women went to BCS Fair, Sonia, Poly, Bithi, Asma, Amita and Suchitra

In this fair there are 76 stalls and 26 pavilions. Also some seminars on important topics have been arranged there. We have visited several stalls and talked with the stall members about their products. Hitachi, Net Gear, Computer Solutions Int, J.A.N Associations Ltd, Canon Grand Centre Computer, Speed and Technology and Engineering Ltd, they all introduce their products to the visitors and tell about their activities, facilities and processing. Bangaliana is introducing their Bangla software which will give more facilities to write in Bengali fonts and to search the Bengali dictionary. This software helps to pronounce of any English words and gives other facilities. Every stall gives some discount in this fair and that attracts the visitors. People have got the chance for free browsing facilities during the fair. They get amused after visiting these excellent computer equipments in the fair.



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